Discover the Creative Genius in You


Do you enjoy teaching?

Are you looking for additional strategies to enhance and accelerate children’s learning processes?

Are you interested in making learning playful for you and those you teach and building strong connections among your students and their community?

Are you searching for some way to bring forth more of the Creative Genius within YOU? 

If so, you have come to the right place!

I’m Dee Kimbrell and I offer a variety of programs, workshops and community projects: 

I facilitate community events that connect communities and center around educational play through recycled materials.  

I am an interactive storyteller with a passion for literacy and a desire to make learning fun and effective.  

I am a visual artist and enjoy creating and facilitating therapeutic art that teaches social emotional skills for groups of all ages and abilities.  

I offer private consultations and workshops to proactive teachers, homeschool parents and the groups that support them.  

Each of those categories have three things in common:  Education, Empowerment and Play. Whatever the subject matter, when I work with a group or an individual it is my goal to empower and celebrate the creative genius that resides in each of us.  I facilitate a safe and fun environment so that individuals can develop their own unique skills in a dynamic and playful way.

Do you want to learn the latest strategies and tools to bring play into the process of learning for you and the children you teach?   Does your school have a corporate partner that would like to have a team building exercise that also benefits your school?  If so, call me and let’s find out if these playful and cutting edge professional development sessions, workshops or creative projects are right for you and your team.

For a free consultation, call 615.497.4066