About Dee

What I am passionate about…

Education:  Passionate about education, I assist proactive teachers and parents to step out of the educational box. The Educational System is often bogged down in bureaucracy and a one-size-fits all teaching method that doesn’t respect the individual in the classroom.  I am trained in cutting edge teaching strategies that draw out the best in students for collaboration, creative and critical thinking to meet the challenges of the fast paced global changes.

Play:  Having fun while learning supports the natural learning process for children and adults. Sometimes referred to as a state of being “in the zone”, play is the intense focus that is experienced while doing something that is personally relevant and enjoyable.  That kind of experience instills a life long love of learning that applies to every area of life.

Empowerment:  Empowerment is about acknowledging and celebrating the power and choices that you possess.  Sometimes it can seem that we are limited by outside forces…but that is only a misconception.  I assist groups and individuals to discover how to enhance the creative genius within.

My path…

As a former homeschool parent, I quickly learned that my two children had very different interests and learning styles.  They were excellent teachers to illustrate that a cookie cutter approach is not an effective way to educate.  Choosing to home school can sometimes be a lonely and daunting road. I enjoy helping parents navigate their way through dealing with family, friends and even self when stepping away from educational norms to become an innovator for your children’s education.

In 2005 I embarked on a new journey of personal growth as I began my study at the Global Processology™ Institute in Cary, North Carolina.  I learned how the human system learns naturally and how to remove roadblocks to knowledge and personal growth.  As a certified Processology™ Master Practitioner, I lead clients to discover how they can construct their inner world to make their experiences more empowering and pleasant for them.  

I have been an interactive storyteller and workshop facilitator since my early twenties. Using simple props to ignite participation, I incorporate students to be an active part of each story in the classroom.  It reinforces concepts, story lines and builds confidence to stand in front of a group.   When facilitating teacher workshops, I empower each teacher’s unique innovation and creativity to come forth using play and hands on activities.

And finally, I am also an avid researcher and self educator.  I have fostered my love of life long learning through tons of internet research, workshops, seminars, and books.

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If you have questions, here’s my info:

Dee Kimbrell 

phone: 615.497.4066

email: dee@creativegeniusinyou.com