Ornaments for the 2015 National Christmas Tree

IMG_4416 (1)What a cool project!  I was asked to head a project by VSA to make ornaments for our National Christmas Tree.  I created the ornament design and worked through VSA Tennessee to make the ornaments with students from the Tennessee School for the Blind with assistance from students from Middle Tennessee State University. The concept of the ornament design was to tell a story of the many ways that Tennessee national parks can be enjoyed. Using two snowmen as the characters, students chose to portray them in a variety of outdoor activities like skiing, sledding, hiking and camping. An array of textures and shapes in natural or recycled materials were used in order to enhance the blind student’s experience of the visual presentation of this project. To identify the ornaments in a unique way, the label “Tennessee” was written in braille and attached at the top of each ornament.

In December, I attended the official lighting ceremony of the National Christmas Tree in Washington, DC. .



IMG_3459 IMG_3485 IMG_3435 IMG_3433
 IMG_3431  IMG_3432  National Ornaments- VSA 066  IMG_3438
IMG_4368 IMG_4418  IMG_3460  National Ornaments- VSA 091