Current Topics for Workshops

2015 Professional Development Offerings for Pre-K through 5th grade teachers:


Interactive stories in the classroom…everybody’s involved! (1-2 hours / Make and Take optional)  

Stories are a perfect way to teach concepts, numeracy, language skills and social emotional skills.  Interactive stories are a way to teach the LOVE of learning and literacy.  This workshop shows how to make simple props and techniques to keep everyone involved in the story. Packed with creative ideas, this workshop is a teacher favorite!


Using Story and Games to teach about emotions  (1 – 2 hours / Make and Take optional)

Social Emotional Skills are imperative to success in school.  Learning about emotions and how to handle them need not be a heavy topic.  Stories and games are wonderful resources to teach these concepts in an easy way.   Teachers will leave this workshop with a puppet or game to teach emotional skills.


The importance of Ritual in the Pre K classroom (1 -2 hours / Make and Take optional)

Rituals can assist the most sensitive student to feel safe and secure.  In this workshop, teachers will learn about the importance of ritual as it relates to brain development and learning in the classroom, receive many ready-to-implement ideas on how to use ritual and create a tool to take back to the classroom.


Teaching 21st Century Thinking Skills with Recycled Materials (1 -2 hours ) 

Common Core Standards stress new thinking skills:  Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Social Emotional skills!  Learn how to easily embed mastery of these skills with open ended materials.  You will discover activities, art projects and question asking strategies that support learning in the 21st century classroom.  Want to see photos of this class in action?


Question Asking Skills in the Classroom (2 hours)

Many teachers want to move to learning facilitator, but keep finding they are following the “teacher model” they grew up with.  Aren’t teachers supposed to have all the answers?  What about having the Questions?  Question asking skills are not taught in traditional education, but are the tools needed to support learning in the classroom.  In this interactive workshop you will polish your question asking skills that will open the doors of possibility.


Making the most of your time:  Building Pre Reading Skills During Transition Time (1 hour – Pre K teachers)

How do teachers maximize transition time without adding pressure?  Games, Rhymes and stories!  This workshop is packed with ideas for fun ways to support pre reading skills such as letter recognition, phonological awareness, environmental print, beginning and ending sounds and rhyming all throughout the day.


Squishy Fun:  Sensory Play in the Pre K Classroom (1 – 2 hours)

Preschoolers learn primarily through their senses.  This workshop is packed with ideas to inspire curiosity through sensory play.  Teachers will get messy and see how much fun learning can be…learning that sticks!